How does Bio+™ work?

Bio+™ does not affect the compound that contains it. Instead, Bio+™ affects the tissue itself so compounds can be absorbed more efficiently. Bio+™ uses all GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) ingredients to help improve permeation of active compounds, including larger size molecules. Bio+™ has been tested on cultured human skin tissue and on human skin tissue cultures, where results show an ability to improve permeation by 5 times with high molecular weight compounds. Bio+™ has shown to be safe through all tests to date.

What can your product help me with?

Hemp therapy has many facets, and almost everyone who pursues hemp therapy does so for different reasons. While it might sound like snake oil sales, hemp really does do a wide variety of things that vary broadly from person to person. That’s why we curate particular ingredients and scent profiles that augment the base effects of hemp so users can tailor their experience to their needs.

What is Hemp Extract?
Hemp extract is the result of an extraction process that separates the fibers and waxes of the plant from the compounds they contain. What’s left is a sticky goop of concentrated cannabinoids and other compounds produced by the hemp plant, without any of the inert plant materials that contribute nothing to your experience. We use CO2 and ethanol in our extraction processes as opposed to hydrocarbons. While hydrocarbon extraction has its merits, we opt to use CO2 and ethanol because they are safer for both the planet and the consumer than hydrocarbon extraction techniques.
Where do you get your hemp?

Currently our organic hemp extract comes from the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A. It is lab tested for purity and consistency.

Do your products produce psychoactive effects?

We work to keep the goodness of all the plants with which we work intact. All of our products have less than the legal limit of 0.3% d-9-tetrahydrocannabinol concentrations, which means none of our products produce any psychoactive effects.

Does ACTIVEmg have any certifications?

All of our ingredients are as organic (or at least natural) as we can find. We also source all of our ingredients as close as possible to the farm, which is WSDA certified organic.

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