Bio+™ is our proprietary, patent pending delivery technology that supercharges the efficacy of our products. It’s made from GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients. While most hemp companies process their cannabinoids one step further with nano emulsification or something similar, making the hemp compounds more available to the user, Bio+™ does the opposite. It does not interact with hemp, instead it interacts with the user’s skin, preparing it to accept hemp seamlessly. In clinical studies, Bio+™ improved absorption of high molecular weight compounds by 5 times, compared to the control group. Bio+™ activated compounds were also retained for twice as long as compounds in the control group.

That all sounds good, but how does it work? Bio+™ works by creating a self-contained chemical reaction on the skin that briefly opens up the skin’s natural barriers, getting the hemp into your body faster and keeping it around for longer. Without Bio+™, products just sit on the top few layers of skin. With Bio+™, products get deeper into the tissue, producing an effect that’s a lot closer to ingestion than just topical application. It’s like taking a tincture and a topical at the same time, with one product. We opt to use Bio+™ in our products because, in our experience, the addition of Bio+™ reduced the time to feel the effects of a product from 30-60 minutes without Bio+™ to 10-20 minutes with it. If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. Try it for yourself and feel the active milligrams difference.

Still want to learn more? Read the results from a clinical study about Bio+™ in the gallery below.

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