Pet Gel


  • 1000 mg HEMP EXTRACT – Small but mighty, active milligrams Pet Gel packs more calming hemp into its tiny form factor than the competition
  • VETERINARIAN DEVELOPED FORMULA- Formulated with the help of veterinarians, active milligrams Pet Gel is specifically formulated for a relaxing calming experience for dogs cats and more.
  • 5X MORE EFFECTIVE- active milligrams uses BIO+, a compound that increases permeation.
  • 2x LONGER DURATION- BIO+ increases retention of hemp compounds 2x longer than products without it.
  • MESS FREE APPLICATOR- convenient applicator applies the product directly to the skin on your pet’s inner ear flap. It’s fast, convenient and mess free.
  • CONTAINS UP TO 200 5 mg DOSES- leading competitors offer 50 2 mg doses for the same price
  • SIMPLE DOSAGE- One Click applicator administers 1 dose
  • TOPCIAL APPLICATION- no stuffing pills into treats.



Dare to know pet therapy

active milligrams pet get is a safe, topically applied hemp product for pets. With 1000 mg of active hemp extract, active milligrams pet gel puts the competition to shame. We add Bio+ to get your pet’s medicine working faster and for longer. Where others will leave you greasy-handed, our convenient pen applicator cleanly dispenses one dose at a time, no more eyeballing or guessing, and no more greasy stains on your clothes or couch.

For anxiety, over-activity, and restlessness in dogs and cats.

Info: For pet use only
1 click = 1 dose. Apply desired dose to clean, exposed skin on pet’s inner ear flap and rub in.

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