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  • 1000 mg HEMP EXTRACT – Small but mighty, active milligrams Pet Gel packs more calming hemp into its tiny form factor than the competition
  • VETERINARIAN DEVELOPED FORMULA- Formulated with the help of veterinarians, active milligrams Pet Gel is specifically formulated for a relaxing calming experience for dogs cats and more.
  • 5X MORE EFFECTIVE- active milligrams uses BIO+, a compound that increases permeation.
  • 2x LONGER DURATION- BIO+ increases retention of hemp compounds 2x longer than products without it.
  • MESS FREE APPLICATOR- convenient applicator applies the product directly to the skin on your pet’s inner ear flap. It’s fast, convenient and mess free.
  • CONTAINS UP TO 200 5 mg DOSES- leading competitors offer 50 2 mg doses for the same price
  • SIMPLE DOSAGE- One Click applicator administers 1 dose
  • TOPCIAL APPLICATION- no stuffing pills into treats.


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Dare to know pet therapy

active milligrams pet get is a safe, topically applied hemp product for pets. With 1000 mg of active hemp extract, active milligrams pet gel puts the competition to shame. We add Bio+ to get your pet's medicine working faster and for longer. Where others will leave you greasy-handed, our convenient pen applicator cleanly dispenses one dose at a time, no more eyeballing or guessing, and no more greasy stains on your clothes or couch. We are now a member of the American Pet Products Association!

For anxiety, over-activity, and restlessness in dogs and cats.

Info: For pet use only
1 click = 1 dose. Apply desired dose to clean, exposed skin on pet's inner ear flap and rub in.

2 reviews for Pet Gel

  1. Jessica Fingold (verified owner)

    I was blown away by the Active Milligrams Pet Gel. I have a very anxious dog whose heart was literally beating out of his chest when we had a house full of people. One application and within minutes he was calm and relaxed sitting on the the couch. I can’t recommend this product enough. Best product on the market.

  2. Cindy Fimcham

    Holy Smokes! What a great affective product! I have a 6lb 14 yr old Chihuahua. Has IVDD, sensitive tummy. She can’t tolerate NSAIDs or opioid RX meds. Poor thing could only tolerate gabapentin and steroids which don’t address pain. She has to be under strict crate rest for 6-8 weeks. This adds to her anxiety, loss of sleep. Which affects me to see her this way. Did an organic search for a transdermal hemp CBD product and Amazon listed yours (there was another one that was solely listing under Google product search). After comparing you both including COA’s, I’m glad I ordered yours from Amazon. Its only been a few days but boy what a difference it has made for our fur baby. No more anxiety. We also noticed she can now sleep a little longer, back to snoring and no more curled up in a ball with her hind legs drawn to her chest. She sleeps stretched out with her body more relaxed. PLEASE DON’T STOP MAKING THIS PRODUCT! I can’t thank you enough! I’m going to sing praises of your product to our vets, friends and family.

    • Brian Smith

      Cindy, Thanks so much for the review. We strive to make effective healthy alternatives.

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